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Frequently asked questions

A good retirement plan has 3 phases – the investment phase, the accumulation phase and the withdrawal phase. Investors set their investment objectives and start investing in the fund in the investment phase. After the investment, it all gets accumulated over time, and you will harvest the money you have been saving for all your working life in the withdrawal phase.

The money that is required to retire varies from person to person. You have to consider the following things to estimate the required amount.


  • Inflation rate
  • Current salary
  • Salary increases in the future
  • Taxes
  • The lifestyle you prefer after retirement

Proper and prior planning will help you to reach your goals. The five principles of successful investing are investing early, investing regularly, investing enough, diversity, and having a plan. It is possible to save retirement smarter and faster by adjusting the following three levers.


  • How much you invest
  • How long you invest
  • How much risk do you have

Early planning has certain benefits in life, but you may wonder what retirement benefits are other than the above-mentioned point. Retirement planning offers various benefits such as:


  • Financial backup for emergencies
  • Tax benefits
  • Returns on investment
  • Cost savings
  • Financial independence
  • Legacy opportunities