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What is Variable?

Being the specialist in retirement planning service, we provide customized retirement plans for our customers to keep them stress-free and financially secure well into their power years. 

When people approach their retirement, most will not know whether they are on track to achieve their retirement goals and what they need to do to achieve them. Variable has a team of passionate workers who focus on building a secure financial future for our lovable customers.


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While you work, Variable monitors your business purchases and deposits, to automatically determine the best opportunity to deposit a Variable into your Personal Retirement Account.

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Variable will ask you a series of questions to build a retirement plan tailored to your goals and aspirations.


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Variable will begin analyzing your bank accounts for opportunities to take advantage of cost-cutting tax deductions, to help you begin building your retirement safety net.

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Variable provides both traditional and untraditional retirement solutions. All are safe and secure and backed by some of the most trusted partners in the marketplace.

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Flexible and robust financial plans

Whatever happens in the industry or our client’s life, our specialist at Variables will always be up to date and on your toes.


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Variable is also certified as the best service provider in retirement planning and stands tall on its three pillars – honesty, competence and relationships.



 We are always available for every person and offer our clients the best service. Variable is honored for our efforts in making many happy clients with the best retirement planning.



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Everyone has goals and dreams in life, career, and business. Experts at Variable develop a customized plan to help you realize it and support you at every point along the way by traveling with you to achieve it successfully.

Frequently asked questions

A good retirement plan has 3 phases – the investment phase, the accumulation phase and the withdrawal phase. Investors set their investment objectives and start investing in the fund in the investment phase. After the investment, it all gets accumulated over time, and you will harvest the money you have been saving for all your working life in the withdrawal phase.

The money that is required to retire varies from person to person. You have to consider the following things to estimate the required amount.


  • Inflation rate
  • Current salary
  • Salary increases in the future
  • Taxes
  • The lifestyle you prefer after retirement

Proper and prior planning will help you to reach your goals. The five principles of successful investing are investing early, investing regularly, investing enough, diversity, and having a plan. It is possible to save retirement smarter and faster by adjusting the following three levers.


  • How much you invest
  • How long you invest
  • How much risk do you have

Early planning has certain benefits in life, but you may wonder what retirement benefits are other than the above-mentioned point. Retirement planning offers various benefits such as:


  • Financial backup for emergencies
  • Tax benefits
  • Returns on investment
  • Cost savings
  • Financial independence
  • Legacy opportunities